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Welcome to
 The Broadway on Barnum
Triple Threat Performing Arts Training
for Fairfield County.

The Broadway on Barnum offers complete triple threat training for the performer of all ages who wants to train in a professional setting. We specialize in musical theatre and dance. Our strong performance training guides students through the world of show business. 

Home of The Barnum Theatre Company & The Broadway Kids our musical theatre company.  Our companies provide adults & children, alike, with Broadway-style training and allows students the opportunity to perform in full musical productions, local events, and various showcases. 
We are the home of our 
award winning dance company which competes in local, regional, and national competitions.

Our musical theatre company and dance company members have graced the stages at Disney World, Hershey Park, and many local events around CT.

The Broadway on Barnum is a year-round performing arts training facility that offers classes, camps, & workshops for everyone from toddlers, children, to teens, & adults.

We offer a variety of classes and private lessons in musical theatre, dance, vocal performance, tumbling, acro & contortion, pageant training, audition basics, and more!

 Step into Broadway, today! 


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